A very beautiful nasheed by kamal uddin.

There is no man more dear to me
Throughout the whole of history
Than the one who was sent as a guide
Leading people from darkness to light
His message was simple and clear
That there is one god who we must all fear
Inviting people towards Allah
his name is Muhammad Mustafa
His name is Muhammad mustafa

Balagal ula bika malihi
Kashafat duja bija malihi
Hasunat jamiu khi salihi
Sallu alaihi wa alihi

He was the greatest man of all time
He came to teach the whole of mankind
That we must worship only one lord
Besides him there is no other god
Islam is what he came to teach
To every corner of the world did he preach
that we can all come together and pray
To the one who provides us each day
To the one who provides us each day


he was a shelter for the orphans and poor
he is my only ticket to the heaven door
he confirmed all that was and before
than the whole world do I love him more
I swear if I only had a chance
To go back in time for one glance
At the face of Muhammad al meen
I would wonder whether I had a dream
I would wonder whether I had a dream

Subhanallah wal hamdulillah wa laa ilaaha illallah x3

Every time when I’m awake all things that I see
I know it’s hard to believe but it's from the Almighty
When the leaves fall from the tree every plant that grows on land
When the waves flow in the see it's by his command


To Allah do I return, paradise is what I’ll earn
if I work hard and pray to my Lord everyday
So Allah give me the strength, show me the way the Prophet went. Let me hold tight to your rope,
without Islam there is no hope


Ya Allah I thank you for my clothes and my food
as I live throughout this test I’ll remember I’ve been blessed
Ya Allah hear my du’a (prayer) please help your ummah (followers)
so that we can all unite and praise you day and night

Chorus x2

Favourite Quotations:
“Invite all to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching” Holy Qur’an 16:125


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